The year 2020 Has Been a Year Like None Other

The impact of COVID-19 and remote workforce issues have had an immediate impact on business models, technology infrastructure and IT spending. We have seen first hand the implications of the year’s events on our 2020 business models but now we must turn our attention to the future with an understanding that the events of 2020 will shape 2021 IT spending, project prioritization and technology trends.

Join us at Outlook 2021, an executive level summit to help you navigate the unprecedented challenges that lie ahead.

Presented from the perspective of enterprise executives running some of the largest cloud consumption companies in the world, this highly interactive conference will provide insight and a roadmap to what lies ahead in 2021, including:

• IT spending forecasts
• IT projects that will take priority
• Technology trends that will take precedent in 2021

Get a Reality Check on Your 2021 Strategic Business Plan

  • • How do you stack up against your competition in preparing for the unpredictable year ahead?

  • • How do you leverage new technology solutions to remain competitive?

  • • Which suppliers, processes and architectures will survive and thrive?

  • • Which ones will start a major decline?

  • • What are the new organizational and operational models?

Limited seats will be available for this interactive, intimate digital event.

Outlook 2021 will provide face-to-face interaction with ONUG Board Members from

and others, along with insight from industry experts and technologists.

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Nick Lippis

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman

Ernest Lefner


Mark Tierney

Chief Content Officer
VOKAL Media Inc

Suzan Mahboob

Lead Programs Engineer
Blizzard Entertainment

Ben Cooper

Senior Director, Corporate Innovation

“ I’ve been “attending” the F5 Agility conference virtually and it’s not nearly as interactive or inclusive and the platform is old and not very easy to navigate. Hopin was a great call and all of the team’s work made an amazing event. Hard to believe with all the money F5 has they couldn’t come close to what you guys did last week! ”
" Thanks guys today was a GREAT DAY. So glad we decided to stick with ONUG during the pandemic, this has been better than I expected.! Congrats for throwing a meaningful event despite the challenges! "
“ ODL was so much better than the RedHat summit and all the vendor virtual conferences I attended. Congratulations ONUG. ”
“ What a wonderful event--felt like the first ONUG, totally unique and ahead of the market. Congrats for putting on THE CONFERENCE of the YEAR!!! ”
“ This is what this community is all about, sharing a wealth of experience, creative ideas on how to transform and disrupt the status quo. Thanks ONUG for the opportunity ”

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